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Training & Qualification Program Workshops (Generic Letter 78-40)


                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 
                             November 15, 1978 



This letter is being sent to all licensees authorized to operate or 
construct a nuclear power reactor and to all applicants with applications 
for a license to operate or construct a power reactor. 

In late September and early October the NRR staff held a series of regional 
meetings with the nuclear power reactor industry to discuss implementation 
of the training and qualification requirements contained in Appendix B of 10
CFR 73.  At these meetings considerable interest was shown in holding 
workshops at which the techniques of job analysis and performance testing 
would be explained along with how they relate to training and qualification 
plan development. In response, NRR will sponsor such workshops. The workshop
will be designed for the working level personnel who will be directly 
involved in training and qualification plan development. Schedule and space 
limitations require that each site be limited to two representatives. 

NRR is planning to send out pre-workshop material that the site 
representatives should complete before the workshop. To facilitate this 
mailing, please use the attached registration form to identify who is going 
to attend. If you are sending a representative, the registration form must 
be returned to the following address by December 8, 1978: 

                    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
                    Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 
                    ATTN: Frank G. Pagano, Jr. 
                    Washington, D.C. 20555 

Attached is a list of workshop locations and tentative scheduled dates. 
Please indicate the dates of your first, second and third choice on the 
registration form. Every effort will be made to schedule your representative
for their first choice. 

The pre-workshop materials and registration confirmation along with the 
exact locations of the workshops will be mailed out by the first of next 

                                  - 2 -

For further comments, please contact Tom McKenna of my staff on (301) 492-


                                        James R. Miller, Assistant Director 
                                          for Reactor Safeguards 
                                        Division of Operating Reactors 

1.   Registration Form
2.   List of Workshop Locations and Scheduled Dates 

cc:  Service List 

                             REGISTRATION FORM 

Reactor Site Represented 

Individuals Attending 

#1   Name 
     City                     State               Zip 

#2   Name 
     City                     State               Zip 

List date of the workshop you with to attend in order of preference: 

     1st Choice 
     2nd Choice 
     3rd Choice 

                            WORKSHOP SCHEDULE 

     Location*                               Dates 

Region 1  1st session                   1-30 thru 2-1 
          2nd session                   2-6 thru 2-8 
          3rd session                   5-15 thru 5-17 

Region II 1st session                   2-20 thru 2-22 
          2nd session                   3-6 thru 3-8 
          3rd session                   5-22 thru 5-24 

Region III 1st session                  3-20 thru 3-22 
           2nd session                  4-3 thru 4-5 

Region IV                               4-17 thru 4-19 

Region V                                5-1 thru 5-3 

  *  The workshops will probably be held at the NRC Regional Office but firm
     arrangements have not been completed. 
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