Forwarding of 2 Tables of Appendix I, Draft Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications, PWR, and NUREG-0133 (Generic Letter 78-38)

                                                              GL 78-38
                                UNITED STATES 
                        NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 
                            WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 

                                        November 15, 1978 



In a letter from B. Grimes, Assistant Director for Engineering and Projects,
dated July 11, 1978, you were sent guidance and a submittal schedule which
requested a license amendment application to be submitted to incorporate the
requirements of 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix 1 into your facility Technical
Specifications.  Since that time, the staff has continued its efforts to
simplify the specifications through clarification of intent and the removal of
unnecessary requirements. In conjunction with these efforts we have had a
number of discussions with the AIF and others concerning comments and
questions they developed with respect to the specifications.  As a result of
our continuing review, we have made substantive revisions to the Draft
Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications (NUREG-0472, PWR and
NUREG-0473, BWR), which were forwarded to you in July.  Although these
specifications have been extensively revised they still incorporate the
fundamental requirements and concepts contained in the original documents. 
The major difference in these specifications from the previous ones is the
removal from the specifications of the equations for dose calculations,
setpoint determination and meteorological dispersion factors.  These items,
along with some miscellaneous items, are now required to be included in an
Offsite Dose Calculation Manual (ODCM) to be prepared by the licensee and
provided to NRC for review and approval along with your proposed Technical

To assist you in preparing your submittal, we have enclosed a copy of Revision
1 of the Draft Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications.  We have also
enclosed for your use a copy of NUREG-0133, Preparation of Radiological
Effluent Technical Specifications for Nuclear Power Plants.  This NUREG
document describes methods acceptable to the staff for the calculation of
certain key values required in the preparation of the proposed effluent
Technical Specifications.

In order to provide additional time to address this guidance, you may use the
revised submittal schedule shown in Table 1.  The submittal dates are
referenced to the date of this letter.



                                    - 2 -

In addition to the guidance noted above, the following general information is
also provided:

1)    The format for the revised Technical Specifications may be that
presently used for your existing Appendix A Technical Specifications, provided
all applicable areas of the model Technical Specifications are acceptably
addressed.  Although the staff recommends the format of the model Technical
Specifications, its use is not mandatory.

2)    It has been misinterpreted by several licensees that the Technical
Specification submittal need only address the individual dose design
objectives of Appendix I.  The submittal request must implement 10 CFR Part
50, Section 50.36a, Technical Specifications on Effluents from Nuclear Power
Reactors which addresses the maintenance and use of radwaste equipment
installed pursuant to Section 50.34a(a), Section 50.34a which addresses
Appendix I (Design Objectives IIA, IIB, IIC and IID), 10 CFR Part 20, 10 CFR
Part 50, Appendix A General Design Criteria 60 and 64 which address the
control and monitoring of releases of radioactive material to the environment,
and 40 CFR Part 190, Uranium Fuel Cycle Standard.  Consequently, the NRC
excepts the submittals to reflect these and other issues addressed in the
Draft Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications enclosed with this

3)    The submittal should consolidate the radiological effluent and
environmental monitoring Technical Specifications in Appendix A of the
Technical Specifications.  Consequently, if your facility presently has
radiological effluent or radiological environmental monitoring Technical
Specifications in Appendix B, you should request that they be deleted upon
approval of the new Technical Specifications in Appendix A. The submittal
should resolve all duplicative Technical Specification requirements in the
radiological area.

4)    The entire Administrative Controls Section (6.0) of the Standard
Technical Specifications was included for information.  Only those areas
related to radiological effluents and environmental monitoring need be
considered for inclusion into the license amendment request.  However, if you
desire to convert your entire Administrative Controls Section to incorporate
the STS requirements and format the staff could handle this as a separate


                                    - 3 -

To further assist you in the preparation of your submittal the NRC will
conduct a one-day seminar on the Draft Radiological Effluent Technical
Specifications at four of our Regional Offices.  The dates and locations of
the seminars are shown in Table II.  Representatives for the Office of Nuclear
Reactor Regulation will make the presentation and the agenda will include an
introduction and background on the effluent Technical Specifications, the
development of the Standard Technical Specifications, and the method and
schedule for implementing the specifications.  A question and answer period
will follow the prepared presentation.  More specific information relative to
these seminars will be forthcoming from our Regional Directors.


                                      Brian K. Grimes, Assistant Director
                                        for Engineering and Projects
                                      Division of Operating Reactors

1. Tables I & II
2. Draft Radiological Effluent Technical Specifications - PWR
3. NUREG-0133


                                   TABLE I

                           LICENSEE SUBMITTAL DATES

30 Days          60 Days           90 Days              120 Days

Farley           Big Rock Point    Arkansas             Beaver Valley
Hatch            Ginna             Brunswick            Browns Ferry
                 Haddam Neck       Crystal River        Calvert Cliffs
                 LaCrosse          Dresden              Cook
                 Oyster Creek      Fitzpatrick          Cooper
                 San Onofre        Indian Point         Davis Besse
                 Surry             Millstone            Duane Arnold
                 Yankee Rowe       Monticello           Ft Calhoun
                                   Nine Mile Point      Humboldt Bay
                                   Oconee               Kewaunee
                                   Peach Bottom         Maine Yankee
                                   Pilgrim              North Anna
                                   Quad Cities          Palisades
                                   Robinson             Point Beach
                                   Turkey Point         Prairie Island
                                   Vermont Yankee       Rancho Seco
                                   Zion                 Salem
                                                        St. Lucie
                                                        Three Mile Island


                                   TABLE II

                             REGIONAL SEMINARS ON

                       November 28, 1978 - Regional III

                December 1, 1978 - Region IV & V (In Region V)

                        December 5, 1978 - Regional II

                         December 8, 1978 - Region I


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