Model Appendix I Technical Specifications And Submittal Schedule For BWRs (Generic Letter 78-24)

                                                              GL 78-24
                                UNITED STATES 
                        NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 
                            WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 

                                        July 11, 1978 

All Power Reactor Licensees


In order to provide a reasonable assurance that the requirements of 10 CFR 50
Appendix I are implemented at all nuclear power facilities, the NRC staff has
prepared the enclosed Appendix I model Technical Specifications.  These model
specifications are intended to provide guidance in the scope and types of
required specifications for each faility in the areas of equipment and
administrative requirements including actions we consider appropriate if a
limiting condition for operation cannot be met.

The enclosure uses the Standard Technical Specification format with blanks or
parentheses appearing where the infomation is plant specific.

We request that you submit a license amendment application to incorporate the
applicable specifications within the number of days indicated for your
facility in the attachment to this letter.  A staggered submittal schedule has
been selected to facilitate staff review.  The staff considers such an
amendment to be a CLASS III Amendment per 10 CFR 170.22, provided the
application is consistent with the enclosed guidance.

If you have any questions on this matter please contact us.


                                       Brian K Grimes, Assistant Director
                                         for Engineering and Projects
                                       Division of Operating Reactors

1. Model Appendix I Technical Specifications
2. Submittal Schedule



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