NUREG 0219 (Generic Letter 78-13)

                                                              GL 78-13
                                UNITED STATES 
                        NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 
                            WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 

                                        April 21, 1978 

All Power Reactor Licensees and Applicants


This letter and enclosed NUREG 0219, Draft 2 are being sent to all licensees
authorized to operate a nuclear power reactor and to all applicants with
applications for a license to operate or construct a power reactor.

NUREG 0219 outlines the current position of the NRR staff on implementation of
the requirement to upgrade the qualification, training and equipping of
security personnel.  Since this draft, I would appreciate your comments by May
19, 1978 so that actual plant operating experience with security personnel can
be factored into the final document.


                                      James R. Miller, Assistant Director
                                        for Reactor Safeguards
                                      Division of Operating Reactors

NUREG 0219



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