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Review and Acceptance of Spent Fuel Storage and Handling Applications (Generic Letter 78-11)


                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D.C.  20555 
                              April 14, 1978 

To All Power Reactor Licensees 


Enclosed for your information and possible future use is the NRC guidance on
spent fuel pool modifications, entitled "Review and Acceptance of Spent Fuel
Storage and Handling Applications".  This document provides (1) additional 
guidance for the type and extent of information needed by the NRC Staff to 
perform the review of licensee proposed modifications of an operating 
reactor spent fuel storage pool and (2) the acceptance criteria to be used 
by the NRC Staff in authorizing such modifications.  This includes the 
information needed to make the findings called for by the Commission in the 
Federal Register Notice dated September 16, 1975 (copy enclosed) with regard 
to authorization of fuel pool modifications prior to the completion of the 
Generic Environmental Impact Statement, "Handling and Storage of Spent Fuel 
from Light Water Nuclear Power Reactors". 

The overall design objectives of a fuel storage facility at a reactor 
complex are governed by various Regulatory Guides, the Standard Review Plan 
(NUREG-75/087), and various industry standards.  This guidance provides a 
compilation in a single document of the pertinent portions of these 
applicable references that are needed in addressing spent fuel pool 
modifications.  No additional regulatory requirements are imposed or implied
by this document. 

Based on a review of license applications to date requesting authorization 
to increase spent fuel storage capacity, the staff has had to request 
additional information that could have been included in an adequately 
documented initial submittal. If in the future you find it necessary to 
apply for authorization to modify onsite spent fuel storage capacity, the 
enclosed guidance provides the necessary information and acceptance criteria 
utilized by the NRC staff in evaluating these applications. Providing the 
information needed to evaluate the matters covered by this document would 
likely avoid the necessity for NRC questions and thus significantly shorten 
the time required to process a fuel pool modification amendment. 


                                        Brian K. Grimes, Assistant Director 
                                          for Engineering and Projects 
                                        Division of Operating Reactors 

1.  NRC Guidance

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