Regulatory Guide 4.8, Environmental Technical Specifications for Nuclear Power Plants (Generic Letter 78-10)


                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON  D. C. 20555 
                              April 11, 1975 

To All Power Reactor Licensees 


Enclosed for your information and possible future use is the current NRC 
guidance on radiological environmental monitoring for nuclear power plants. 

10 CFR Parts 20 and 50 require that radiological environmental monitoring 
programs be established to provide data on measurable levels of radiation 
and radioactive materials in the site environs. In addition, Appendix I to 
10 CFR Part 50 requires that the relationship between quantities of 
radioactive material released in effluents during normal operation, 
including anticipated operational occurrences, and resultant radiation doses 
to individuals from principal pathways of exposure be evaluated. 

Regulatory Guide 4.8, Environmental Technical Specifications for Nuclear 
Power Plants, was issued for comment in December 1975. The enclosed 
technical position on the radiological portion of environmental monitoring 
was formulated by an NRC working group which considered the comments 
received on Regulatory Guide 4.8. This position sets forth guidance for 
developing an acceptable minimum radiological monitoring program to meet the 
regulatory requirements of 10 CFR Parts 20 and 50. Local site 
characteristics need to be examined to determine if pathways not covered by 
this guide may significantly contribute to a individual's dose and should be 
included in the sampling program. The acceptability of changes to 
radiological environmental monitoring programs at operating reactors will be 
evaluated based on this guidance as well as on a review of past operating 

We are developing technical specifications which incorporate the Appendix I 
guidance set forth in the enclosed position. These specifications will be 
implemented or all operating reactors in the future. This position is being 
provided to you at the present time for information only and no action is 
required or your part. More specific guidance on technical specifications 
relating to the implementation of Appendix I to 10 CFR 50 will be provided 
to you in the future. 

                                        Karl R. Goller, Assistant Director 
                                          for Operating Reactors  
                                        Division of Operating Reactors 
                                        Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation


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