Internal Distribution Of Correspondence - Asking For Comments On Mass Mailing System (Generic Letter 78-05)

                                                              GL 78-05
                                UNITED STATES 
                         NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION
                            WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555

                                        February 17, 1978

All Power Reactor Licensees


In order to increase our efficiency, we are developing an automated mailing
system which utilizes computerized addressing and mailing equipment.  You may
have noted certain differences in format in several pieces of our recent
correspondence for which we utilized this new system.  Copies of
correspondence that you receive which are distributed by this system may not
indicate the names of everyone receiving a copy.  Correspondence relating only
to your facility will do so, but generic correspondence to more than one
licensee, such as this letter, will indicate only an addressee group, e.g.,
"All Power Reactor Licensees", "All PWR Licensees", and will not indicate any
service list addressees (cc's).  However, a copy of any correspondence that
you receive will always, be sent to everyone on the service list for your
docket.  A complete listing of all addressees will always be provided along
with the copy of the correspondence in each applicable docket in the
Washington, D.C. public document room and in each applicable local public
document room.

Aside from advising you about our new mailing system and some of its
idiosyncrasies, we would like to request your indulgence and cooperation in
developing this system to its full potential.  To this extent we would
appreciate your checking whether your address, as indicated on this
correspondence, is precisely correct and advising us if it is not.  Also,
would you please advise us of any problems you might experience in receiving
this correspondence that might be attributable to this new system or of any
suggestions or comments that you might have on the system.

We expect that when the system is fully developed we will be able to serve you
better and more quickly.  We will appreciate your tolerance and cooperation
until we have achieved that goal.


                                  Karl R. Goller, Assistant Director
                                    for Operating Reactors
                                  Division of Operating Reactors


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