Bulletin 88-05, Supplement 2: Nonconforming Materials Supplied by Piping Supplies, Inc. at Folsom, New Jersey And West Jersey Manufacturing Company at Williamstown, New Jersey

                                                  OMB No:  3150-0011
                                                  NRCB 88-05, Supplement 2 

                                  UNITED STATES
                          NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION
                             WASHINGTON, D.C.  20555

                                 August 3, 1988

                                        PIPING SUPPLIES, INC. AT FOLSOM, NEW 
                                        JERSEY AND WEST JERSEY MANUFACTURING 
                                        COMPANY AT WILLIAMSTOWN, NEW JERSEY 


All holders of operating licenses or construction permits for nuclear power 


The purpose of this supplement is to (1) modify the schedule for actions 
addressees were requested to perform in Bulletin 88-05 and Supplement 1 and 
(2) provide additional information concerning materials supplied by Piping 
Supplies, Incorporated (PSI), West Jersey Manufacturing (WJM), and a recently 
identified affiliated company, Chews Landing Metal Manufacturers Incorporated 

Description of Circumstances: 

On July 22, 1988, the NRC staff met with representatives of the Nuclear 
Manage-ment and Resources Council (NUMARC) to discuss the status of licensees' 
actions in response to Bulletin 88-05 and Supplement 1.  During this meeting, 
NUMARC presented information on licensee and NUMARC/Electric Power Research 
Institute (EPRI) testing and evaluation methodology of PSI/WJM flanges.  This 
information was summarized in a letter to the NRC from NUMARC dated July 25, 
1988 and a detailed report and proposal was subsequently submitted on July 29, 
1988 (Attachment 1). 

Based on the reported measurement and analytical results to date, the NRC has 
concluded that for full power licensees it is appropriate to suspend, tempo-
rarily, the field measurements, testing, records review, and the preparation 
of justifications for continued operations (JCOs) that were requested by Bul-
letin 88-05 and Supplement 1 until further notice.  Addressees that have not 
received a full power license are requested to continue the in-situ testing 
and the records review.  The time frames of interest remain as specified in 
the original Bulletin, January 1, 1976 to present.  During the temporary 
suspension of the requested activities, the NRC will review the measurement 
and test data and results of analysis performed and determine the extent to 

.                                                  NRCB 88-05, Supplement 2
                                                  August 3, 1988
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which further actions are appropriate to assure the continued safe operation 
of nuclear power plants.  However, addressees should continue to analyze the 
test results performed to date.

On July 22, 1988, the NRC staff completed its review of PSI/WJM/CLM purchase 
order and invoice records.  Based on this review, the staff has determined 
that PSI/WJM/CLM provided product forms in addition to flanges and fittings.  
The additional product forms are identified in Attachment 2 and a list of 
nuclear power plants that were identified as possible recipients of 
PSI/WJM/CLM materials is provided in Attachment 3.  The NRC staff also identi-
fied Certified Material Test Reports (CMTRs) for ASME Section III materials 
from CLM, which also should be considered as suspect.  CLM was owned by 
parties involved in PSI and WJM and the persons signing the CMTRs for CLM also 
signed the CMTRs for PSI and WJM.  Attachment 4 provides a listing of 
additional intermediary suppliers/fabricators of PSI/WJM/CLM products.  
Bulletin 88-05 identified 1976 as the beginning date for suspect materials 
provided by PSI/WJM; however, information available to the NRC now indicates 
that WJM may have provided ASME materials as early as 1962.  The NRC is 
providing the above information to assist the industry in their understanding 
of the PSI/WJM/CLM issue.  

Actions Requested: 

The actions requested in Bulletin 88-05 and Supplement 1 are temporarily sus-
pended with the following exceptions: 

1.   Addressees that have not received a full power operating license are 
     requested to continue the records review and the in-situ testing of 
     installed flanges and fittings.

2.   Addressees are requested to maintain for inspection the documentation of 
     the specific actions taken for the identified materials. 
3.   Addressees are requested to retain nonconforming materials until advised 
     further by the NRC. 
4.   Addressees are encouraged to report the results of tests of PSI and WJM 
     supplied flanges and fittings to the INPO Nuclear Network for 
     dissemination to the industry.

Reporting Requirements: 

The reporting requirements of Bulletin 88-05 and Supplement 1 are temporarily 
suspended with the following exceptions: 

1.   Holders of full power operating licenses are required to report the 
     results of their records review, testing, and analysis performed as of 
     the date of this supplement in accordance with the 120 day reporting 
     requirement specified in paragraph 1 of Bulletin 88-05. 
2.   Holders of construction permits are required to report the results of the
     records review, testing, and analysis prior to the planned fuel load 
.                                                  NRCB 88-05, Supplement 2
                                                  August 3, 1988
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If you have any questions about this matter, please contact one of the 
technical contacts listed below or the Regional Administrator of the 
appropriate NRC regional office.  

                                   Charles E. Rossi, Director
                                   Division of Operational Events Assessment
                                   Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 

Technical Contacts:  Ray Cilimberg, NRR
                     (301) 492-3220 

                     Ed Baker, NRR 
                     (301) 492-3221 

1.  Ltr to NRC fm NUMARC, dtd July 29, 1988
2.  Product Forms Sold by WJM/PSI/Chews Landing
3.  Nuclear Plants Receiving Suspect Material
4.  Purchasers Receiving Suspect Materials 
5.  List of Recently Issued NRC Bulletins
.                                                  Attachment 2
                                                  NRCB 88-05, Supplement 2
                                                  August 3, 1988

                 Product Forms Sold By WJM/PSI/Chews Landing (1)

Half Couplings 
Full Couplings 
Plate Rings 
Penetration Plates -- SA516, GR70 
Seal Plates -- SA516, GR70 (Perry) (2) 
Socket Weld Nozzles (CLM) (3)
Long Drain Boss -- A182F11 & F22 
Radiograph Plugs (CLM)
Square Bar -- 1018 
Sample Probes Class 1 -- SA312, T304 (Perry) (CLM)
Guide Lugs -- SA240, T304 
Socket Welded Half Couplings Class 1 -- SA182, F304L (Vogtle) 
Special Nozzles 
Pipe Caps -- SA234 
Lugs -- SA240, T304 (Palo Verde) 
Lugs -- SA516, GR70 (Palo Verde)
Socket Weld Couplings 
Plate -- SA36 (Perry) 
Special Boss -- A234, A105, A739 
Bolts -- SA193, GRB7 (Confrentes/Spain)
Instrument Penetration End Plate -- SA516, GR70 (Perry) 
Hanger Lugs -- SA516, GR70 (Dravo/Site unknown) 
Socket Weld Boss -- Class 1 -- SA182, F316 (Seabrook) (CLM)
Transition Piece -- SA105 (Vogtle) 
Thermowells -- A182 (Dravo/Hunter/Site unknown) (CLM)
Bar Stock -- A105 (Dravo/Yellow Creek) (CLM)


(1)  This is a complete list of all product forms identified during the NRC 
     staff's review of available records. 

(2)  Specific nuclear power plants or customers are noted in cases where the 
     product form appeared to be a unique or special order and not wide 

(3)  Indicates that material was sold by Chews Landing Metal Manufacturers 
.                                                  Attachment 3
                                                  NRCB 88-05, Supplement 2
                                                  August 3, 1988

                  Nuclear Plants Receiving Suspect Material (1)

Beaver Valley 
Browns Ferry 
Calvert Cliffs 
Diablo Canyon 
Duane Arnold 
North Anna 
Prairie Island 
Quad Cities 
Turkey Point 
Yellow Creek 


(1)  These nuclear power plants are in addition to those previously identified 
     as receiving suspect material. 
.                                                  Attachment 4
                                                  NRCB 88-05, Supplement 2
                                                  August 3, 1988

                    Purchasers Receiving Suspect Material (1)

Barr - Saunders, Inc. 
M.W. Kellogg (became Division of Pullman) 
Lake Erie Iron & Metal Co., Inc. 
Liberty Equipment, Co. 
Metal Bellows (listed as Bellows in Bulletin) 
Power Piping Co. 
Standards Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. 
Tioga Pipe Supply Co., Inc. 
Tyler Dawson (listed in error as Tyler Davison in Bulletin) 


(1)  These purchasers are in addition to those previously identified and are 
     known to have received material for nuclear applications. 

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