50.73 Licensee Event Reports that may report Defects and Noncompliance

For persons licensed to operate a nuclear power plant under 10 CFR part 50 or part 52, the evaluation of potential defects and appropriate reporting of defects under §§ 50.72, 50.73, or § 73.71 satisfies each person's evaluation, notification, and reporting obligation to report defects under 10 CFR Part 21. There is no rule that requires a licensee to mention Part 21 when using these alternate reporting means. In order to improve the sharing of Operating Experience with the industry, and increase reactor safety, the NRC will now post certain 50.73 Licensee Event Reports to the table located on this page when the report identifies the existence of a manufacturing defect that has or could cause a loss of safety function. It is important to note that the information contained in a Licensee Event Report (LER) is provided by the licensee, and has not been verified by the NRC to constitute a defect as described in 10 CFR Part 21. The information presented in the following table is provided for information purposes only, and licensees are not required to take any specific action based upon the information provided therein.

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Licensee Event Reports that may report Defects and Noncompliance

LER Number Licensee Description Report Date Accession No.
265202000100 Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2

Loss of Both Divisions of Residual Heat Removal Low Pressure Coolant Injection Due to Swing Bus Failure to Transfer

05/19/2020 ML20140A093
254201700400 Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 Unit 1 HPCI Did Not Trip Due to Wear Debris in the Turbine Stop Valve Oil Resetting Solenoid 01/05/2018 ML18005A276
317201800100 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 Both Unit 2 Emergency Diesel Generators Inoperable Due to Depressurization in Common Air Start Headers 10/07/2018 ML18345A048
440201800100 Perrv Nuclear Power Plant Loss of Safety Function and Violation of Technical Specifications due to diode failure 03/28/2018 ML18088A060
458201700200 River Bend Station Loss of Safety Function of Onsite Electrical Distribution Due to Malfunction of Control Building HVAC System (LER) 04/18/2017 ML17116A297


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