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Name and
NRC Action Number
Action Type
(Severity) &
Civil Penalty
(if any)
Date Issued Description
ABSG Consulting, Inc.
Houston, TX
ORDER 04/17/2012

On April 17, 2012, the NRC issued an Immediately Effective Confirmatory Order to ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABSG), confirming commitments reached as part of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mediation session. By letter dated January 17, 2012, the NRC identified an apparent violation of 10 CFR 50.7 to ABSG based on the NRC’s Office of Investigations, October 5, 2011 report (OI Case No. 1 2010-050). Specifically, the NRC had reached a preliminary conclusion that a former ABSG employee was terminated, in part, for participating in a Commission proceeding before the NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel prior to his employment with ABSG.

ABSG conducted its own internal investigation of the circumstances leading to the termination of the employment of the individual. The NRC recognizes that although ABSG did not admit to any apparent retaliation, ABSG nonetheless took several actions to reinforce its anti-retaliation policies. In addition, as part of the ADR settlement agreement, ABSG agreed to take several corrective actions involving increased management oversight and individual accountability including, but not limited to: (1) reinforcing through a written communication from the President ABSG the Company’s policy regarding employees’ right to raise concerns; (2) developing anti-retaliation training for all ABSG U.S. Nuclear Utilities Market Sector employees which shall include those items identified in 10 CFR 50.7, define key terms, and provide examples of discriminatory practices; (3) publishing, as part of its on-line newsletter, an article concerning the protections afforded by 10 CFR 50.7; and (4) establishing a process to conduct a secondary review of all proposed adverse actions (including written reprimand or above, but excluding reductions-in-force and other ordinary layoffs) for any of its U.S. Nuclear Utilities Market Sector employees who have engaged in protected activities. In consideration of these commitments, and other corrective actions already completed by ABSG, the NRC agreed to refrain from proposing a civil penalty and issuing a Notice of Violation.

ORDER 08/04/2016 On August 4, 2016, the NRC issued a Confirmatory Order to AREVA, Inc. (AREVA) to confirm commitments reached as part of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) settlement agreement to address apparent violations identified through an NRC staff records review conducted by the Office of International Programs. The apparent violations involved AREVA’s failure to submit quarterly reports required by 10 CFR Part 110, and the Protocol Additional to the Agreement between the United States of America and the International Atomic Energy Agency for the Application of Safeguards in the United States of America. Furthermore, the records review discovered that, in July 2014, AREVA exported a reactor coolant pump to France that was not authorized by a general or specific license. AREVA agreed to a number of corrective actions, including, but not limited to: (1) revising policies and procedures to provide reasonable assurance of continued compliance, (2) providing initial and continuing training for AREVA staff and supervisors, (3) communicating NRC requirements for import/export licensing and reporting to other nuclear equipment exporters through a variety of industry forums, and (4) instituting periodic independent audits of exporting activities.
AVI Food Systems, Inc.
Warren, OH
ORDER 07/15/2005 On July 15, 2005, an immediately effective Confirmatory Order was issued to establish certain requirements as set forth in the Order including training for AVI employees involved with NRC licensees regarding employee protection, safety conscious work environment, and safety culture. The Order was discussed during Alternative Dispute Resolution, and, subject to satisfactory implementation of said requirements, the NRC will not pursue further enforcement action on this issue.

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