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Escalated Enforcement Actions Issued to Individuals - E

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Name and
NRC Action Number
NRC Action Type Date Issued Description
Mr. Jesse Erdle
IANOV 08/08/2019 On August 8, 2019, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to Mr. Jesse Erdle, Chief Executive Officer and President of Dead Ringer, LLC, for a Severity Level III violation involving deliberate misconduct that caused his employer Dead Ringer LLC, to be in violation of NRC requirements. Mr. Erdle deliberately failed to obtain the required NRC licenses and sealed source and device evaluation to import and distribute products containing radioactive material. Specifically, between May 2017 and January 2018, Mr. Erdle acquired and imported gun sights containing tritium and distributed those gun sights via web site sales without obtaining the required NRC licenses and sealed source and device evaluations.
John Emore
IAORDER 01/03/2019 On January 3, 2019, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to Mr. John Emore for violations of 10 CFR 50.5(a)(1) "deliberate misconduct" and 10 CFR 55.53(j) "conditions of licenses" which require, in part, that an (individual) licensee shall not use any illegal drugs and shall not perform activities authorized by a license while under the influence of any illegal substance that could adversely affect his ability to safely and competently perform his licensed duties.  Specifically, Mr. Emore, a holder of an NRC-issued Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) license, engaged in deliberate misconduct by performing activities authorized under his NRC SRO license at Exelon's Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station while under the influence of an illegal substance. Exelon identified these violations via a random drug test administered as part of its fitness-for-duty (FFD) program. The random FFD test yielded a confirmed positive result for an illegal drug.  This is a Severity Level III violation.
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