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Name and
NRC Action Number
NRC Action Type Date Issued Description
James P. Chaisson
IAORDER 07/02/2015 On July 2, 2015, the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) issued a Memorandum and Order, approving the settlement agreement, negotiated and signed by the NRC and Mr. James Chaisson, and terminated the proceeding.  This action is based on Mr. Chaisson's formal hearing request on the July 11, 2014, prohibition order (ML14190A256) issued to him for failure to comply with a Confirmatory Order issued on September 10, 2012 (ML12256B002), which memorialized the agreements and conditions established with him during an NRC Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediation session. In accordance with the ASLB-approved settlement agreement, Mr. Chaisson is precluded from engaging in NRC-licensed activities, including performing, supervising, or assisting in any industrial radiographic operations for an NRC licensee or for an Agreement State licensee while working in NRC jurisdiction under reciprocity. This ban would remain in effect only until Mr. Chaisson has complied with the settlement agreement regarding individual training, staff review, and "shadowing" requirements. However, Mr. Chaisson is allowed to work in an NRC-regulated jurisdiction as a radiographer's assistant so long as he is under the supervision of a certified radiographer and prohibited from performing as a radiographer until he successfully completes the settlement agreement requirements. Finally, the settlement agreement does not provide any deadline by which Mr. Chaisson must comply with these individual training, staff review, and "shadowing" requirements.
Armando N. Clavero
IAORDER 05/14/2014 On May 14, 2014, the NRC issued Armando N. Clavero, Co-owner and President of University Nuclear and Diagnostics (UND), LLC, an Order prohibiting involvement in NRC-licensed activities for a period of three years. Specifically, Mr. Clavero deliberately did not perform a survey meter calibration, provided a falsified record of the survey meter calibration, and provided inaccurate information about performing the survey meter calibration both during the NRC investigation and during the predecisional enforcement conference. He also deliberately did not perform a sealed source survey in October or November 2011 and provided falsified records of a sealed source survey on a date when there was no survey meter. Mr. Clavero also did not ensure that the doctor's office had a working survey meter during the nearly 8 week period when a UND nuclear medicine technologist had sent the doctor's survey meter to UND for calibration and did not ensure that records provided to the doctor's office were complete and accurate in all material respects.
Mr. Daniel Comisky
IANOV 11/25/2019 On November 25, 2019, the NRC issued a Severity Level IV Notice of Violation to Mr. Daniel J. Comisky for a violation of 10 CFR 55.53 "Conditions of licenses" which requires, in part, that, if a licensed individual has not actively performed the functions of an operator or senior operator, that he may not resume activities authorized by his license unless the reactivation requirements of 10 CFR 55.53(f) are met. Specifically, Mr. Comisky, a licensed individual assigned to Exelon Generation Corporation’s Braidwood Station performed the functions of a senior reactor operator prior to completing the reactivation requirements of 10 CFR 55.53(f), and thereby failed to comply with a condition of his license.
Michael P. Cooley
IAORDER 03/10/2014 On March 10, 2014, the NRC issued Mr. Michael P. Cooley an Order prohibiting involvement in NRC-licensed activities for a period of 5 years. While employed at Summer Nuclear Station, Mr. Cooley submitted a signed Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) to the licensee access authorization staff as part of his application for Unescorted Access Authorization.  Mr. Cooley deliberately failed to report an arrest for arson in the PHQ criminal history information section which was necessary for the access authorization staff to consider in making determinations regarding his trustworthiness and reliability.  In addition, he deliberately submitted information to the licensee that he knew to be incomplete or inaccurate, in violation of the requirements of 10 CFR 50.5(a)(2).  Specifically, in response to a request by access authorization staff for documentation to support his assertion that arson charges against him had been dismissed, he submitted a forged document that purported to reflect the dismissal of those charges by a Mississippi county court.  At the time he submitted this document, the arson charges against him were pending.
Daniel Culver
IAORDER 12/01/2009 On December 1, 2009, an Order was issued to Mr. Daniel Culver, a former maintenance supervisor at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (Peach Bottom), prohibiting him from involvement in NRC-licensed activities for a period of three years from the date the Order was issued. This enforcement action is based on Mr. Culver's deliberate failure to provide complete and accurate information on a personnel history questionnaire used to obtain unescorted access authorization at Peach Bottom. Specifically, Mr. Culver provided inaccurate information regarding his rank in the military, his history of misconduct in the military, and the nature of his military discharge. Mr. Culver also listed a peer, who was also a personal friend, as a former supervisor on his application for employment, even though this individual was not Mr. Culver's supervisor at the time he submitted his application. This represents a violation of 10 CFR 50.5(a)(2), which, in part, prohibits licensee employees from deliberately submitting to a licensee information that the person knows to be incomplete or inaccurate in some respect material to the NRC.

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