Commission Responses to GAO Reports - 2008

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Date Subject

Letter from Acting Chairman Peter B. Lyons to Senator Joseph I. Lieberman providing a written statement of actions taken on the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report, "Information Technology: Agencies Need to Establish Comprehensive Policies to Address Changes to Projects' Costs, Schedule, and Performance Goals" (GAO-08-925).


Letter from Acting Chairman Gregory B. Jaczko to Senator Joseph I. Lieberman reponding to recommendations made in Government Accountability (GAO) Report entitled "Telecommunications: Agencies Are Generally Following Sound Transition Planning Practices, and GSA Is Taking Action to Resolve Challenges."


Letter to Congress and GAO re: GAO Report, "Nuclear Security: NRC and DHS Need to Take Additional Steps to Better Track and Detect Radioactive Materials."


Letter to Congress & GAO, responds to recommendations made in GAO report "Nuclear Safety: NRC's Oversight of Fire Protection at U.S. Commercial Nuclear Reactor Units Could Be Strengthened" (GAO-08-747), signed by Chairman Klein, dated September 11, 2008

03/28/2008 Letter from Chairman Dale E. Klein to Congressman John F. Tierney, providing NRC's written statement, which was prepared pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 720(b), on the actions taken regarding the Government Accountability Office's (GAO) unclassified report on "Nuclear Security: Research Reactor Security" (GAO-08-403).
03/28/2008 Letter from Chairman Dale E. Klein to Congress providing a summary of actions taken by the NRC in response to recommendations contained in various U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports that address NRC activities