Commission Action Memoranda (COMs and COMSECYs) for 1997

As a general policy, COMs and COMSECYs will be released to the public unless they contain specific limited types of information which warrant protection. Missing numbers in the listing indicate that these papers involve matters which the Commission has specifically agreed should be withheld: Classified, Safeguards, Allegation, Investigation, Security-Related, Proprietary, Privacy Act Information, Federal/State/Foreign Government and International Agency-Controlled Information, Adjudicatory, Enforcement, Lawyer-Client or Legal Work Product, and limited sensitive matters which contain a specific withhold recommendation and supporting justification. (Reference Internal Commission Procedures, Chapter II.)

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Document Number Description Date
COMSECY-97-033 Staff Requirements: Draft Press Release and Federal Register Notice to Solicit Qualified Candidates for the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 01/22/1998
COMSECY-97-030 Staff Requirements: S.981, the Regulatory Improvement Act of 1997 12/17/1997
COMSECY-97-028 Staff Requirements: SECY-97-245 and SECY-98-061 - Staff Options for Resolving a Petition for Rulemaking (PRM-50-63 AND 50-63A) Relating to a Re-Evaluation of the Policy Regarding the Use of Potassium Iodide (KI) by the General Public after a Severe Accident at a Nuclear Power Plant and COMSECY-97-028 - Federal Register Notice on Potassium Iodide 06/26/1998
COMSECY-97-013 Staff Requirements: Steam Generator Rulemaking 06/30/1997
Streamlining NRC Adjudications 12/15/1997
Staff Requirements: Streamlining NRC Adjudications 01/30/1998
Staff Requirements: Streamlining NRC Adjudications 06/26/1998
Commission Voting Record: Streamlining NRC Adjudications 12/18/1997
COMSAJ-97-008 Staff Requirements: Discussion on Safety and Compliance 08/25/1997
COMNJD-97-006 Staff Requirements: Commission Procedures: Further Issues 10/23/1997
COMNJD-97-003 Staff Requirements: Reevaluation of the Role of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 06/30/1997
COMNJD-97-001 Clarity of Public Communications 03/05/1997
Commissioner McGaffigan's Vote 04/22/0977
COMEXM-97-002 Staff Requirements: NRC Action with Regard To Ward Valley Low Level Waste (LLW) Disposal Site 07/24/1997