RPV Upper Head Issues -- News and Correspondence for 2004

This page lists, in chronological order, general news and correspondence on RPV upper head issues for 2004.

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Date Description
10/05/2004 Materials Reliability Program Generic Evaluation of Examination Coverage Requirements for Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Penetration Nozzles, Revision 1 (MRP-95R1 NP)
04/30/2004 Materials Reliability Program Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of PWR Reactor Pressure Vessel Top Head Nozzle Cracking (MRP-105 NP)
04/30/2004 Materials Reliability Program Reactor Vessel Closure Head Penetration Safety Assessment for U.S. PWR Plants (MRP-110 NP)
04/30/2004 Materials Reliability Program, Resistance to PWSCC of Alloys 690, 52, and 152 in PWRS (MRP-111 NP)

Semiannual Report - Status of Implementation of Davis-Besse Lessons Learned Task Force Report Recommendations

02/20/2004 Revised Order EA-03-009

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