Quick Facts About Post-Fire Operator Manual Actions

  • Post-fire operator manual actions (OMAs) are actions performed by plant personnel on plant equipment to recover from a fire. These actions are written in procedures and generally include actions performed outside of the normal control room.

  • OMAs are necessary to support normal plant operations. Post-fire OMAs are different than normal OMAs since they are often performed in time critical and under stressful circumstances, such as in response to a plant fire.

  • Post-fire OMAs used in the place of physical protection often require prior NRC review and approval.

  • Post-fire OMAs are either documented in special procedures that are used following a fire or special fire procedures reference normal or emergency (non-fire) procedures.

  • Plant personnel are trained on the post-fire OMAs.

  • Licensees are required to analyze post-fire OMAs to ensure that the post-fire OMAs can adequately protect safe shutdown.

Page Last Reviewed/Updated Tuesday, March 10, 2020