Pre-Application Information for the NuScale US600 Design

Pre-Application Review

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a policy of encouraging early discussions (prior to submission of a license application) with potential applicants (such as utilities and reactor designers) to offer licensing guidance and to identify and resolve potential licensing issues early in the licensing process. Pre-application reviews began in the second quarter of CY 2008 and, following a brief pause in 2011, ended in the third quarter of CY 2016. The Design-Specific Review Standard (DSRS) for NuScale Small Modular Reactor Design has been developed to provide guidance to the NRC technical staff for review of those areas of the NuScale design that are not covered by the existing NRC Standard Review Plan (SRP) (NUREG-0800). The draft NuScale DSRS was available for public comment in July 2015. The final DSRS was released in August 2016.

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