Construction Action Matrix Deviations

The NRC determines its regulatory response in accordance with a Construction Action Matrix that provides for a range of actions commensurate with the significance of the inspection results as described in IMC 2505, "Periodic Assessment of Construction Inspection Program Results." The NRC recognizes that there may be rare instances in which the regulatory actions dictated by the Construction Action Matrix may not be appropriate. In these instances, the Agency may deviate from the Construction Action Matrix to either increase or decrease Agency action when approved by the Executive Director for Operations.

The staff reviews the causes of all Construction Action Matrix deviations and evaluates them for potential improvements to the program. The evaluations will be included in the annual cROP self-assessment, will be discussed with senior NRC management at the Agency Action Review Meeting, and will be presented to the Commission in the resultant briefing.

Summary of Deviations

There have been no deviations from the Construction Action Matrix.

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