Oklo Aurora Powerhouse

Rendering of Oklo Aurora Powerhouse

Project Overview

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is currently engaged in pre-application activities interactions for the Oklo Aurora Powerhouse reactor. The proposed Oklo reactors are liquid metal-cooled, metal-fueled fast reactors with a maximum power level of 15 MWe.

For more information, please see the Oklo pre-application docket 99902095.

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Pre-Application Activities

Product Type Reference Status
Anticipated Oklo regulatory engagement schedule Regulatory Engagement Plan ML21216A340 No review requested
Oklo Inc. Licensing Project Plan Regulatory Engagement Plan ML22088A184 No review requested
Standardized Operational Programs White Paper ML22250A515 Feedback Provided
Oklo Inc. Licensing Project Plan 4Q 2022 Update Regulatory Engagement Plan ML22327A260 No review requested
Safety Analysis: Initiating Event Analysis White Paper ML22356A202 Feedback provided
Oklo Inc. Licensing Project Plan: Fuel Recycling Technologies (Initial) Regulatory Engagement Plan ML22363A080 No review requested
Oklo Inc. Licensing Project Plan 1Q 2023 Update Regulatory Engagement Plan ML23090A223 No review requested
Source Term Modeling Overview White Paper ML23111A297 Under review

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