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rendering of Diagram of the basic ACU reactor design.  The reactor is encased in concrete.  Starting from the left the fuel storage, primary salt loop, and secondary salt loop are displayed.  The diagram also shows emergency pool cooling for the reactor vessel, the off-gas handling system which exhausts to atmosphere, and experiments

Project Overview

In March 2020, Abilene Christian University (ACU) submitted to the NRC a Letter of Intent to submit an application for a construction permit for a non-power molten salt reactor.  In July 2020, ACU submitted a Regulatory Engagement Plan related to this project.  The proposed reactor would be an up to 1 megawatt-thermal, graphite moderated, fluoride salt flowing fluid (fuel dissolved in the salt) research reactor, that would be located on or near the ACU campus in Abilene, Texas.  ACU is engaging in pre-application activities with the NRC.

For more information, please see the ACU NEXT Lab Molten Salt Research Reactor pre-application documents (NRC Project No. 99902088)

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Pre-Application Activities

Product Type Reference Status
Request for regulatory interpretation regarding 10 CFR 50.10(a)(2)(x) Regulatory Interpretation Request ML20366A053 Response Provided
Quality Assurance Program Description Topical Report ML21099A109
Feedback Provided


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