CIO Governance Board Membership List

CIO Involvement on Governance Boards

The CIO plays a role with respect to the development, integration, delivery, and operations of any type of IT, IT service, or information product to enable integration with the capabilities they support wherever IT may affect functions, missions, or operations. As a leader or member of various governance boards, the CIO provides appropriate visibility, management and oversight of the NRC's IT resources. Membership on these governance boards strengthens the CIO's accountability for the agency's IT cost, schedule, performance and security.

The table below lists all the governance boards the CIO participates in and provides a brief description of his involvement.

Governance Board CIO Involvement
Executive Review Board (ERB) As a member of the ERB, the CIO is involved in the recruitment and selection of Senior Executive Service employees.
IT/IM Portfolio Executive Council (IPEC) As the IPEC Co-Chair, the CIO sets NRC's IT strategy and provides oversight of the IT portfolio. The CIO also reviews and evaluates IT budget requests including those approved by the IPEC governing body. Based upon this review, decisions are made and a budget proposal is compiled for the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director for Operations to submit to the Chairman. After review and approval by the Chairman, the CIO approves final IT capital planning and investment documents before submission of the budget to OMB.
NRC CXO Board (CXOB) As a member of the CXOB, the CIO works in close collaboration with NRC's other CXOs to identify and solve problems, facilitate sound decisionmaking, and pursue opportunities that help the agency operate more effectively and efficiently.
Strategic Sourcing Group (SSG) As a member of the SSG, the CIO approves IT acquisitions exceeding $1M which meet agency and programmatic needs and expectations provided the supporting documentation supports the proposed procurement. The CIO also approves all new IT procurements, retaining visibility into, and accountability of, IT acquisitions under the $1M threshold.

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