2023 National State Liaison Officer Conference

News and Highlights

Please see the conference agenda for links to conference presentations.

June 7-8, 2023
State Liaison Officer Conference

Approximately every two or three years, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) convenes a meeting with all the Governor-appointed State Liaison Officers to discuss issues of significant interest to the States and the NRC in the areas of nuclear regulation, nuclear security, radiological public health and safety, and environmental issues. The National State Liaison Officer Conference provides a unique opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest with representatives from States, NRC senior management, and other Federal agencies. The 2023 National State Liaison Officer Conference was held from June 7-8, 2023.  Please see the links below for the conference agenda and presentations.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding the conference to Jeffery Lynch, Agreement State and Liaison Project Manager, and your Regional State Liaison Officers (RSLOs) Doug Tift (Region I), John Pelchat (Region II), Allan Barker (Region III), Harral Logaras (Region III), and Ryan Alexander (Region IV).

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Conference Agenda and Presentations

The conference agenda has been updated with links to PDFs of PowerPoint presentations made at the conference.

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Available Training

Sign up for the September 18th 2023 Fuel Cycle Processes Seminar.

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Photos from the Conference

Photos from the 2023 National State Liaison Officer Conference

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Past Conferences

Previous National State Liaison Officers Conferences have been well-attended and very successful.

Please see the National State Liaison Officer Conferences page for information on the past conferences, including links to agendas, presentations, and pictures.

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Contact Us

For questions or comments regarding the 2023 National State Liaison Officer Conference, please contact:

Jeffery Lynch
(301) 415-0541

Doug Tifft (RSLO - Region I)
(610) 337-6918

John Pelchat (RSLO - Region II)
(404) 997-4427

Allan Barker (RSLO - Region III)
(630) 829-9660

Harral Logaras (RSLO - Region III)
(630) 829-9659

Ryan Alexander (RSLO - Region IV)
(817) 200-1267

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