Navigating the U.S. Framework for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Export Controls

Sponsored by the Office of International Programs
The increased interest in nuclear power, including the development and commercialization of advanced reactor and nuclear fuel cycle technologies as part of the effort to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, highlights the need to engage industry on the importance of understanding the U.S. Nuclear Export Controls landscape.  This exhibit would educate RIC participants on the role of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in ensuring that nuclear trade for peaceful purposes does not contribute to the proliferation of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices and its Part 1 Guidelines (The "Trigger" List), including how the. United States implements its obligation as an NSG participating government at the national level through its nuclear export licensing requirements found in NRC 10 CFR Part 110 (Part 110) and DOE 10 CFR Part 810 (Part 810).  The exhibit would highlight the importance of keeping the NSG Trigger List complete and up to date with technical advancements to ensure all participating governments facilitate legitimate nuclear trade while meeting evolving nuclear proliferation challenges.  The exhibit would also highlight the requirements of NRC Part 110 and DOE Part 810 export control requirements which, in part, implement the NSG Part 1 Guidelines at the national level in the United States.  In addition, to highlighting the requirements, the exhibit will be staffed by NRC and DOE/NNSA export officials who will conduct targeted outreach and answer questions from RIC participants on nuclear export control requirements.

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