Working Smarter, Together: NRR Office Instruction LIC 206, "Integrated Risk Informed Decision Making for Licensing Reviews"

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

In order to improve efficiency and safety of commercial nuclear power, we need YOU.  Whether you work for a utility, vendor, or the NRC – whatever your focus, whether it's design, maintenance, operations, insurance, or anything you do in this industry, YOUR ENGAGEMENT is important to consistently apply Integrated Risk-Informed Decision Making in licensing so that we collectively focus our efforts on issues and SSCs commensurate with their risk and safety significance.

NRR Office Instruction LIC-206, "Integrated Risk-Informed Decision Making for Licensing Reviews" provides the NRC staff with (1) guidance and tools for considering an expanded set of risk-insights in licensing and licensing-related activities, and (2) a process for forming a multidisciplinary integrated review team (IRT), which encourages collaboration across review disciplines to share insights and knowledge for enhanced decision-making.  Learn more about how these tools, guidance, and processes expand Risk-Informed Decision Making to consider qualitative insights, operational experience, and engineering judgment to prioritize areas of maximum safety impact.

Download LIC-206 and take a look at how this structured approach fits with YOUR organization, available now at ADAMS Accession NO. ML19263A645 

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