The NRC's Team NRAN is "On the Ball" with NRC Values—ISOCCER

Sponsored by the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer
The NRC Values are easily remembered through the acronym, ISOCCER, and the Principles of Good Regulation using the acronym, ICORE. Want to know what those acronyms stand for? Catch the NRC Nuclear Regulator Apprenticeship Network (NRAN) cohort video! Meet Team NRAN, the cohort of new regulators, and learn how the NRC Values and Principles of Good Regulation are just as relevant today as they have been for past decades. NRAN is 'on the ball' demonstrating the continued importance of ISOCCER and ICORE in fulfilling the NRC mission.

The NRC launched its second cohort of the Nuclear Regulator Apprenticeship Network in July 2022. NRAN is an NRC program to develop new engineers and scientists who will be tomorrow's regulatory decision makers. A cohort of 25 recently graduated engineers and scientists will complete an initial period of foundational regulatory, technical, and organizational knowledge, followed by several hands-on apprenticeships learning and performing key mission-direct regulatory activities, such as inspection, licensing, and risk analysis.

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