W11 Perspectives on Risk-Informed Licensing of Advanced Reactors

This session will focus on challenges for implementing risk-informed and technology inclusive approaches for licensing advanced reactor technologies, including the development of 10 CFR Part 53. Panelists from the nuclear industry and non-governmental organizations will discuss their perspectives on how risk-informed licensing techniques should be used for advanced reactor designs under the current regulatory framework and where opportunities exist to risk inform the development of 10 CFR Part 53. NRC staff panelists will share perspectives on progress in advanced reactor licensing and ongoing advanced reactor licensing infrastructure activities.
  • William Jessup, Chief, Advanced Reactor Licensing Branch I, Division of Advanced Reactors and Non-Power Production and Utilization Facilities, NRR/NRC e-mail: William.Jessup@nrc.gov
  • Brian Bettes, General Engineer, NRAN, Nuclear Regulator Apprenticeship Network Branch, OCHCO/NRC e-mail: Brain.Bettes@nrc.gov

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