T1 Beyond Earth: The Future of Nuclear Technology in Space

Nuclear technology has long played a vital role in prominent space missions. In recent years, the private sector has expressed increased interest in leading the development, launch, and use of nuclear technologies for space applications ranging from lunar surface initiatives to nuclear-electric power and propulsion in interplanetary space. This session features perspectives from space experts, regulators, and the industry on happenings in space nuclear, where we will be in the future, and regulatory considerations that will help shape the future of nuclear technology in space.
  • Introductory Remarks
    Ray Furstenau, Office Directror, RES/NRC
  • Planning for Tomorrow: Space Nuclear System Launch Safety
    S. Tina Ghosh, Senior Reactor Systems Engineer, Accident Analysis Branch, RES/NRC
  • Beyond Earth: The Future of Nuclear Technology in Space
    Karl Garman, Deputy Director of Research, Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) and the Future of Commercial Space Nuclear Systems
    Jason (Jay) Jenkins, Program Executive, Commercial Lunar Payload Services, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Commercial Perspective on Nuclear Technology in Space from BWXT Advanced Technologies
    Justin Kasper, Chief of Technology, BWX Technologies, Inc.
  • Alfred (Try) Hathaway, Reactor Systems Engineer, Accident Analysis Branch/Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC e-mail: Alfred.Hathaway@nrc.gov

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