It’s Been a Busy Year—Recent Major Updates for the NRC’s Accident Consequence Code System (MACCS)

Sponsored by Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

The NRC developed the MACCS code to evaluate the consequences of severe radiological accidents. Analyses done with MACCS are used as input to environmental impact statements and reports, to support plant-specific evaluations of severe accident mitigation alternatives required as part of the environmental assessment for license renewal, to assist in informing protective action decisions and emergency planning, to provide input to regulatory and cost benefit analyses, and to inform rulemaking decisions. MACCS has also been instrumental for performing agency research studies such as the State-of-the-Art Reactor Consequence Analysis (SOARCA) studies and the Site Level 3 Probabilistic Risk Assessment Project. This digital exhibit will provide information on the latest improvements to the MACCS code suite, including near-field modeling, animations, enhancements to atmospheric and economic modeling, and updated documentation and guidance, as well as planned future improvements and how to obtain the code. Prospective and current MACCS users will see the variety of software improvements that have been released with MACCS Version 4.1.

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