Accident Analysis for Nonlight-Water Reactors—What’s the Risk?

Sponsored by the Office Nuclear Reactor Regulation

This will clarify the challenges associated with predicting accident progression and source term for non-LWRs. Challenges include unique geometries, alternative fuels and coolants, and limited experimental data to validate the phenomenological models. This explains how the NRC is addressing these challenges efficiently by modifying and applying our well assessed Standardized Computer Analyses for Licensing Evaluation (SCALE) and MELCOR computer codes. It will include 45-second to 1-minute discussions by world experts describing (1) first of a kind MELCOR predictions of accident progression for representative non LWRs, (2) how MELCOR is used to address uncertainties related to accident mitigation and source term, and (3) how SCALE is applied to non-LWR fuels and geometries to provide the initial conditions for the accident simulations.

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