Tekia Govan

Tekia began work at the NRC in 2003 in RES’s Division of Engineering as a digital instrumentation and control engineer. She moved to the NRO’s Division of New Reactor Licensing in 2008. In 2015, she moved to NRR’s Japan Lessons-Learned division, and finally to the NRR’s Division of Reactor Oversight. 

Tekia has worked as a project manager for the past 12 years and is currently the lead project manager for the review of regulatory guidance for digital instrumentation and control modifications to nuclear power plants. She manages the technical areas of 10 CFR 50.59 process, ROP enhancement, and digital instrumentation and control systems, including the planning and execution of numerous public meetings in these areas. In the past, she served as the project manager supporting the NRC’s flood hazard reevaluation and seismic hazard reevaluation reviews for U.S. nuclear power plants following the nuclear accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear site, and as a project manager for combined nuclear reactor operating license applications (COLAs).

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