TH28 I&C…Analog Need Not Apply!

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

Nuclear utilities are leaving analog in the past and pursuing digital technologies to modernize the instrumentation and controls of the existing fleet of reactors. In parallel, a seamless digital environment is envisioned for plant operations, including the integration of plant information and processes, to enable a reduced and more efficient workforce. This is crucial as plants embark into operations well beyond 60 years. The Chair will engage selected national and international leaders in a productive dialogue on digital plant modernization. The guests will discuss their visions of what a digitally modernized nuclear plant will look like at 60 years of life, and efforts to leave behind the analog mindset in technologies, operations, and regulatory approvals. To enhance the dialogue, the host will also welcome questions from the audience.
  • Eric Benner, Director, Director, Division of Engineering and External Hazards, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-3298, e-mail:
  • Introductory Remarks
    Eric Benner, Director, Division of Engineering and External Hazards, NRR/NRC
  • Scot Greenlee, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services, Exelon Generation Nuclear
  • Bruce Hallbert, Director, Technical Integration Office, Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Hash Hashemian, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMS Corporation
  • Gregory de la Grange, I&C Safety Engineer, Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety

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