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Pierre Le Bot

Pierre Le Bot has extensive experience in nuclear power plant safety engineering  in general and in accident prevention and mitigation in particular. He has been an expert researcher in human reliability analysis and organisational reliability for EDF's R&D since 1993. First, he contributed to the human data collection from observations on simulators for HRA (human reliability analysis) method development and application. Then he led the development of MERMOS (méthode d'Evaluation de la Réalisations des Missions Opérateur pour la Sûreté), currently implemented at EDF.  A former graduate in sociology from the Institute of Political Sciences (IEP, Institut d'Etudes Politiques), Pierre Le Bot is currently focusing his research on organizational reliability. He has developed the Model of Resilience in Situation, which proposes a theoretical modeling of resilience for engineering of risky systems. Now he is contributing to a post-Fukushima study aiming to test on simulator Edf's emergency organisation in extreme situations.

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