Stephen Bajorek

Stephen M. Bajorek is the Senior Technical Advisor for Thermal-Hydraulics in the NRC's Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, and has over thirty-five years experience in the nuclear industry.  While at the NRC he has been involved with development of the TRACE code, advanced reactor analysis, and the NRC’s thermal-hydraulic test programs and is currently leading the efforts in the to develop simulation codes for non-LWRs.  Prior to joining the NRC staff he was a member of the faculty at Kansas State University and has over 15 years of industrial experience at Westinghouse Electric Corp. as a code developer and analyst.  At Westinghouse,Dr. Bajorek was the a lead developer of the WCOBRA/TRAC systems codeand of the first Best-Estimate LOCA methodology licensed in the U.S.  He has authoredor co-authored nearly 150 publications in areas ranging from boiling and two-phaseflow, natural convection, and boiling of multi-component fluids. Dr. Bajorek received his Ph. D. from Michigan State University, and M.S. and B. S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

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