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Neil Archambo

Mr. Archambo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and Illinois. He started career in the nuclear industry in 1989 at Duke Energy's McGuire Nuclear Station located in Huntersville, NC. While at McGuire, he led a number of digital upgrade projects, including the Westinghouse 7300 Process Control System Ovation upgrade, the switchyard, main power system, and main generator protective relay digital upgrades, main generator voltage regulator digital upgrade, fuel handling transfer system and manipulator crane digital upgrades, feedwater control valve digital upgrades, and installation of the leading edge flowmeter (LEFM) in support of the MUR power up-rate.

In July 2013, he transferred to the fleet design engineering organization at the Duke Energy corporate offices in Charlotte. While in the fleet design engineering organization, he supported the Distributed Control System (DCS) infrastructure upgrade and turbine control system digital upgrade projects at three plants in the fleet. In addition, he provides governance and oversight for both fleet and site digital design engineers as well as governance and oversight for the development of 10 CFR 50.59 reviews associated with digital projects.

Mr. Archambo is currently working with the NRC and NEI on modernization of the DI&C regulatory infrastructure as discussed in the NRC DI&C Integrated Action Plan.

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