Harvesting of Aged Materials from Operating and Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
In the U.S. nuclear industry today, there are some nuclear power plants (NPPs) that are prematurely ceasing operation, while other plant operators are making plans to extend operating lifespans through subsequent license renewal from 60 to 80 years. Extending plant operation raises technical issues that may require further research on aging mechanisms to reduce uncertainties associated with material performance. Decommissioning plants provide opportunities for harvesting components that have been aged in representative light water reactor environments.

The NRC has recently undertaken an effort, with the assistance of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, to develop a strategic approach to harvesting aged materials from NPPs. The work will identify criteria to consider when prioritizing the data needs for harvesting. The NRC is interested in engaging with other organizations to prioritize data needs for harvesting, to share information about harvested materials and those that may become available, and to identify areas of common interest. The poster will give an overview of NRC findings and recommendations related to harvesting of components and material specimens from operating NPPs and those undergoing decommissioning.

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