Enhancements to LIC-500, Topical Report Process

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
This digital presentation will display recent revisions to Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR) Office Instruction (OI) LIC-500, “Topical Report (TR) Process.”  The presentation will state the purpose of the OI, and outline the enhancements to the current revision of LIC-500:
  • developed and implemented initiatives to better plan and prepare for TR reviews with an improved presubmission process
  • incorporated criteria for suspension and termination after the TRs are accepted for review
  • established a new priority rating system for the TRs
  • integrated the use of strategic phases to clearly define process steps and responsibilities
  • coordinated with the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards to ensure reviews are identified early in the schedule
  • streamlined the process for requests for additional information (RAIs) and use of audits and provided guidance for RAI prioritization
The presentation will provide vendors and owners’ groups' insight into the changes to improve engagement with the staff.

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