United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Jean Luc Lachaume

Jean-Luc Lachaume is the IRSN Executive Director for Emergency, Preparedness and Response. A graduate from the French Naval Academy (1983) and from the Nuclear Military application School (1992), he began his career in 1980 within the French Navy and spent several years at sea, on military ships and nuclear submarines. In 1998, M. Lachaume joined the French Nuclear Regulatory body (ASN) as Head of Department in charge of emergency preparedness, training, environmental protection and organization of inspections. In 2006, he was appointed Deputy Director General of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in France. He was in charge of the regulation and control of fuel cycle facilities, research reactors, medical and industrial radioactive sources and radioactive waste. He was specifically involved in Emergency Preparedness and Response activities. Jean-Luc Lachaume was also very much involved in international matters related to IAEA and NEA activities and ASN bilateral relations.

Since September 2017, M. Lachaume is the Executive Director for Emergency, Preparedness and Response. He is mainly in charge of the IRSN strategy regarding EP&R. He is also in charge of strengthening the representation of IRSN nationally and internationally.
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