Stephen Cumblidge

Stephen Cumblidge is a Materials Engineer with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the Piping and head Penetration Branch in the office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.  Dr. Cumblidge primarily works on evaluating the effectiveness of nondestructive examinations (NDE) of nuclear power plant components and nondestructive examination qualification programs.  Dr. Cumblidge participates in ASME Code Activities related to ultrasonic, eddy current and visual examinations of nuclear power plant components. Prior to joining the NRC in 2010, Stephen Cumblidge worked at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory from 2001 to 2010.  His work at PNNL primarily involved performing research in advanced nondestructive testing methods including advanced ultrasonic inspections, writing and contributing to several technical letter and NUREG/CR reports for the NRC.  Additional work at PNNL included research into the design of advanced nuclear fuels and evaluations of the oxidation rates of nuclear fuels for the use of Yucca Mountain Geological Disposal Project.  Dr. Cumblidge holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. His Ph.D. research (and dissertation topic) at the Pennsylvania State University was the examination of neutron-irradiated reactor pressure-vessel steels using positron-annihilation-lifetime and Doppler-broadening spectroscopy.

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