Integrated University Program

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

The Integrated University Program (IUP), authorized by Congress for 10 years in 2009, is a $45 million grants program split equally between the NRC, U.S. Department of Energy, and National Nuclear Security Administration. The $15 million NRC portion of the IUP, as coordinated with the other two agencies, awards grants that must be used for non-mission and mission related activities to enhance the future nuclear workforce.

The mission related portion of the IUP includes a 2 year scholarship program, a 4 year fellowship program, and a 2 year trade school and community college scholarship program. The non-mission related portion of the IUP, which benefits the nuclear industry broadly, is a 3 year faculty development program designed for probationary tenure track faculty members during the first 6 years of their careers.

Since 2009, the IUP program has made hundreds of awards to institutions of higher education in 35 States and Puerto Rico. More than $100 million has been obligated, over 100 faculty members have been supported, and more than 3,000 students have received scholarships or fellowships, each with a service obligation.

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