A Leap Forward: Full-Scope, Integrated Site Probabilistic Risk Analysis of the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant (Reactor Units 1 and 2)

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

The Level 3 Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Project is a Commission directed project that involves a full scope PRA of Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Units 1 and 2. Its scope includes an evaluation of all major sources of risk (reactor, spent fuel pool, and dry cask storage), all hazards, all plant operating states, and all risk levels (fuel damage, radionuclide release, and consequences) and an evaluation of the integrated site risk. The project is providing insights that will enhance regulatory decisionmaking, increasing the NRC PRA staff’s capabilities and expertise, improving documentation practices, and demonstrating the technical feasibility and realistic cost of developing new Level 3 PRAs.

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