Sustainable Knowledge Management Practices

Sponsored by the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

The NRC established its knowledge management (KM) policy in SECY 06 0164, “The NRC Knowledge Management Program,” dated July 25, 2006. This policy establishes a system of governance and provides the foundation upon which the agency’s KM program is built. KM continues to be a high priority in the agency and is an integrated part of the agency’s Strategic Plan. This poster will highlight a few of the agency’s KM initiatives that enable employees to dynamically capture and share information and experience both internally and with the public. For example, NUREG KM reports are highly sought out publications that the NRC established to preserve the knowledge of documents and events that shaped the regulatory process or a technical topic. The series, launched in 2012, currently features 10 publications and continues to grow. The series focuses on collecting and interpreting historical information on identified topics for the benefit of future generations of NRC professionals, as well as the public.

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