Steven P. Hutchins

Steven Hutchins holds both a Bachelors and a Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Electrical Engineering and Energy Management and Power. He holds an SRO Certification on a BWR 6, Mark III Reactor.   His Nuclear experience began in 1976 during the construction and startup of the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station.  From there, Mr. Hutchins when on to perform similar construction and startup tasks at the Clinton Power Station and Grand Gulf Nuclear Station.  He joined PECo in 1992 as a Senior Engineer responsible for voltage regulation and short circuit calculations.  During his time at PECo (renamed as Exelon Generation), Mr. Hutchins has been the Electrical Design Manager at Limerick, the Manager of Electrical and NSSS System at Oyster Creek, the Senior Manager of Plant Engineering and Senior Manager of Design Engineering at Oyster Creek.

In 2008, he was asked to accept a Loaned Employee Position with the Nuclear Energy Institute as a Senior Project Manager, responsible for coordination of the Nuclear Industry‚Äôs efforts to resolve fire protection issues with the NRC.  Activities associated with transition to a new license base (NFPA 805), multiple spurious actuations and operator manual actions were coordinated through NEI Task Force efforts and meeting with the NRC NRR engineers, Industry CNOs and NRC Commissioners.  In 2010, he returned to Exelon Corporate Headquarters as the Senior Manager: Plant Engineering.

In 2014, Mr. Hutchins once again accepted an offer to return to NEI as a loaned employee for a three year assignment to work on a number of electrical engineering issues the nuclear industry is facing.  The Byron Open Phase condition, Degraded Voltage challenges during CDBIs, and addressing continuing fire protection multiple spurious operation concerns.

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