William Reckley

William Reckley is currently serving as a senior project manager within the advanced reactor program, where he is working on policy and regulatory issues associated with the licensing of non-light water reactor technologies.  Mr. Reckley recently served as a special advisor dealing with policy issues within the Japan Lessons Learned Division in the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.  Prior to this assignment, Mr. Reckley served on the task force that prepared NUREG-2150, “A Proposed Risk Management Regulatory Framework.”   Mr. Reckley previously served as a branch chief the Office of New Reactors where he worked on preparations for new reactor applications and developing approaches for licensing small and medium sized reactors – including non-light water reactor designs.  Since joining NRC in 1987, Mr. Reckley has held a variety of positions in several NRC offices including, the former Office for Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Data, the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, and the Office of New Reactors.  Prior to joining NRC, Mr. Reckley worked for Duke Power Company in the safety analysis and licensing support organization.  Mr. Reckley holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Maryland.

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