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Hansang Kim

Dr. Hansang Kim has been working in the nuclear industry since 1989. He started his nuclear career as an operator and shift supervisor with an SRO license in the Hanbit unit 2 of KHNP. After 8 years working in the operation area of NPPs he moved to the head office of KHNP and managed and established the response strategy of severe accidents in the NPPs. After finishing his PhD degree, he worked as a material specialist in the area of material aging and corrosion degradation until he joined the steam generator management program of the EPRI in the USA as a resident researcher for two years. He is working as an APM in the APR1400 NRG DC project of KHNP.

Dr. Kim finished his PhD degree in the area of materials corrosion and electrochemistry in the nuclear engineering department at the Pennsylvania State University in the USA based on KHNP's supports; an MS degree in the nuclear engineering at the KAIST in Korea; and a BS degree in the mechanical department at the Chon-Nam National University in Korea.
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