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Timothy C. Hardin

Tim Hardin is a Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute primarily responsible for reactor pressure vessel (RPV) integrity and reactor vessel surveillance program issues for pressurized water reactors. He has also managed projects investigating the impact of quasi-laminar flaws (hydrogen flaking) on the structural integrity of forged-ring reactor vessels. In addition, he assists in the evaluation of reactor vessel surveillance capsule test data for the BWRVIP Integrated Surveillance Program (ISP). Hardin is currently leading investigations into issues related to the initial fracture toughness of reactor pressure vessel steels, pressure-temperature limits for light water reactor vessels, and the effects of high neutron fluence on low alloy pressure vessel steels. Hardin began his career as a nuclear-trained engineering officer on U.S. Navy submarines. After leaving the Navy in 1987, he worked at Robert L. Cloud & Associates, Inc. (RLCA), and ATI Consulting at various levels of responsibilities in the area of reactor pressure vessel integrity and surveillance program design and analysis. Hardin graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering.
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