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Hossein Esmaili

Hossein Esmaili received his PhD from the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland in College Park.  For his graduate work he was involved in turbulence modeling and large eddy simulation/direct numerical simulation. After graduation, he joined Energy Research, Inc. (ERi ), and as a consultant to NRC, he has been involved in severe accident modeling and code calculations using a variety of codes such as MELCOR, CONTAIN, and TEXAS. Shortly after joining NRC in Nov. 2006, he became the MELCOR code project manager. Over the last 10 years, he has been involved in a number of projects involving MELCOR analysis for regulatory applications that include SOARCA, SFP modeling for BWRs and PWRs, confirmatory analysis for new reactor designs, and response to the Fukushima accident.
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