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Maria Silvia Guimaraes Biagini

Dr. Maria Guimaraes is a Principal Project Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute.

Her current research activities focus on aging management and inspection of concrete structures. She has developed a cross-functional technical team at EPRI that addresses concrete-related issues across the electricity sector, from nuclear containment buildings and hydroelectric facilities to transmission tower foundations and wind turbine pedestals.

Before joining EPRI in 2009, she worked as a project manager in the R&D department of Aalborg Portland, a cement and concrete manufacturing company in Denmark. In that position, she worked on a Nordic Innovation project evaluating C02 uptake in degraded concrete. She also led projects to develop new cement types with low energy consumption and lower emissions.

She received her bachelor's degree in construction engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste in Argentina. She obtained a master's degree in soil mechanics and foundation engineering from the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom. She also holds a doctorate degree in civil and environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
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