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Paul Standring

Paul Standring graduated from Salford University (UK) in 1983 in chemistry. His initial years were spent working on textile related research at Shirley Institute (UK), organic yellow pigments at the Scottish College of Textiles (UK), where he obtained a PhD in 1989, and processable high temperature polymers at St Andrews University (UK) where he was a post-doctoral research fellow.

He moved into the nuclear industry in 1991 joining British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. (UK) providing technical support to the thermal oxide reprocessing plant. Over the 21 years spent at Sellafield he specialized in spent fuel management where he was both the technical manager for spent fuel storage and company expert.

In 2013 he moved to the IAEA. His present position is nuclear engineer in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section, Department of Nuclear Energy, International Atomic Energy Agency where he works on Spent Fuel Management activities.
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