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Harold Barrett

Harry Barrett received a BS degree in Marine Nuclear Science from SUNY Maritime College (Fort Schuyler) in 1975. Early in his career, he worked in the U. S. merchant marine as a Coast Guard licensed marine engineer and as a nuclear engineer at several shipyards refueling and testing naval reactors. He has extensive experience in the commercial nuclear industry in the areas of nuclear plant operations (SRO), maintenance, engineering (PE), and project management. Prior to joining the NRC, he was responsible for the first NFPA 805 Pilot Plant (Duke Energy’s Oconee). Mr. Barrett came to the NRC in May 2007 as a fire protection engineer in NRR. Since that time, he has developed guidance and resolved technical issues related to risk-informed fire protection programs while performing numerous technical and regulatory reviews of NFPA 805 license amendment requests. He provided technical oversight of the first NFPA 805 Pilot safety evaluation (Shearon Harris) and assisted at the triennial fire protection inspections at both NFPA 805 pilot plants and most non-pilot plant NFPA 805 inspections.
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