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Bernard Chaumont

Presently Deputy Director for Safey Research at IRSN since 2011, I had most of my 35 years carrier in the domain of Nuclear Reactor, and mainly in the field of research applied to PWRs. More precisely, I had different positions during 8 years in FRAMATOME company (now AREVA) as  engineer for testing systems, operating reception tests in a NPP, then developing state oriented accidental operating procedures. Within IRSN, I have been first involved in safety assessment of accidental operating procedures and human reliability, in the development of calculation tools for Emergency Preparedness, in the development of level 2 PSA.

I have been then Department head for the severe accident Department and coordinator for programmes in the Research Programmes Strategy Directorate. As Deputy Director of Safety Research at IRSN, my responsibility covers the definition and reorientation of R and D programmes in the domains of severe accidents, safety systems, human and organizational factors, ageing and structural integrity of components and systems. I have been member of the reactor safety standing group up to 2014.

Concerning participation to international organisations and projects, in OECD/CSNI, I have been member of the WGAMA and participated to in particular ISP 47 and ISP 49 coordination, and I was representing IRSN at the steering committee for the STEM project recently ended. For the EC FP projects, I have been  leading  the STEPS EU project, I have been WP leader and member of the management team for the SARNET project; I am presently president of the PASSAM EU project steering committee, and was member of the steering committee for the Phébus-ISTP project. I am member of the ETSON/ERG (ETSON Research Group). I am IRSN representative at the NUGENIA association executive committed (EXCOM).
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